ADAVE - Audio & Video Editing

ADAVE -  Audio & Video Editing

Course Type : Advance Diploma Courses

Course Duration: 12 Months Eligibility 12th or 10+ITI

Advance Diploma In Audio & Video Editing- ADAVE

Module I
    Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro Interface
    Nonlinear editing, Workflow
Module II
    Project setup, Setting up a project, Setting up a sequence
Module III
Importing Media, Importing footage and assets, Media Browser uses,    Importing images, The Media Cache,

Module IV
Media Organization, The Project Panel, Working with Bins, Organizing Media with content Analysis, Monitoring Footage, Modifying clips
Module V
Video Editing, The rules of video editing, The video editing essentials of Adobe Premiere Pro,
Module VI
Clips and Markers, Program Monitor Control, Controlling Resolution, Using Markers, Using sync Lock and track lock, Finding timeline gaps, Moving clips in a sequence
Module VII
    Transitions, Edit Point and Handles,  Adding Transitions into footage,  Fine tuning Transitions, Adding Audio transitions
Module VIII
    Advanced Editing Techniques, Four point editing, Re timing clips, Replacing clips and footage, Nesting Sequence, Regular and Advanced Trimming
Module IX
Motion Clips, Motion Effect Adjustment, Clip position ,size and rotation Keyframe Interpolation, Motion related effects
Module X
Multi camera Editing, Multicamera Process, Multicamera Sequence, Multiple camera switch
Module XI
Audio Editing and Mixing, Working with the Audio Interface, Audio Characteristics, Adjusting Audio volume and audio gain, Adjusting audio levels in a sequence
Module XII
Sound and Video Effects, Using audio effects, Applying effects in the audio mixer, Key framing effect, Effect presets
Module XIII
Color Correction and Grading, Color Balance, Exposure Special color effects, Look development
Module XIV
Composting Techniques, Using alpha channels, Alpha channel, transparencies and color keying, Mattes and opacity effect